1992 The company was established under the name “N. D. Rubber Co., Ltd. which stands for New Development to comply with the new products to be developed further.

1994-1999 Capital restructuring by increasing registered capital and paid-up capital became 80 million Baht then sold to existing shareholders.

1999 Began to manufacture and distribute motorcycle tubes under name “ND RUBBER”.

2000 Expanded into overseas markets such as Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines and India.

2003 The Company has launched colour tyre for motorcycle into domestic market and it has been the most popular because of product differentiation therefore ND RUBBER became acquainted among teenagers. We also obtained ISO 9001 Certificate this year.

2005 Enter into business partnership and started OEM business with motorcycle tyre manufacturer in Malaysia under FKR brand.

2008-2009 Obtained SIRIM Certificate (Malaysian Standards) and TISI Certificate (Thai Industrial Standards).

2010 - Began production for Thai Yamaha Motor in form of house brand under name Y-TEQ.
- First launched ND15000 for heavy user segment and started marketing activities continuously to build up brand awareness.

2011 Obtained E-MARK Certificate for exporting to EU market.

2012 - Installed software & hardware for designing tyre structure & pattern under the conditions of safety and durability to use on the road.
- Capital restructuring and registered capital became 115 million Baht.

2013 - Installed new machinery to expand production capacity of motorcycle tyre from 200,000 pcs/month to 300,000 pcs/month.
- Constructed new office building and warehouse.
- Capital restructuring by increasing registered paid-up capital became 150 million Baht and sold to existing shareholders.

2014 The company has transformed to public limited company under the name “N. D. RUBBER PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED”.

2015 - Listed in the Stock Exchange Market.
- Entered into business partnership with CEAT Limited.
- Started OEM production for Thai Suzuki Motor.

2016 Launched new product innovation for motorcycle industry called “AIR LOCK”.